What is Tulin?

Tulin is a social network that allows you to join epic challenges, create new ones that could go viral, follow your friends and discover new content every day.

Is Tulin free?

Tulin is completely free and has no advertising.

How old do I have to be to use the Tulin App?

You must have at least 13 years age for use the Tulin App, if you are under age 18, you may only use the Tulin App with the consent of your parent or legal guardian.

What operating systems does the Tulin app support?

For now, the Tulin App only supports the iOS operating system (version 13.0 and higher), but we are working hard to bring Tulin to Android as well.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at this email for questions, feedbacks, problems and offers.

What types of content can I share on Tulin?

You can share photos or videos up to one minute long, taken from your device gallery or obtained with our custom camera. You can also take advantage of our editing features.

What is a challenge?

A challenge consists of a set of instructions chosen by its creator. A user who joins it must share a photo/video of him performing those actions. Contrary to what you might infer from their name, you don't join a challenge to win something or to beat someone else but for fun/popularity.

How can I customize a challenge?

When you create a challenge, you can choose a name and a category, write a description and optionally set a cover image. You will also be recognized as the creator of the challenge, possibly giving you popularity.

What is a sound-challenge?

A sound-challenge has associated a sound chosen by its creator, when a user joins it they must use that sound in the shared photo/video.

What is a template-challenge?

A template-challenge has associated an image called template chosen by its creator, when a user joins it they have to use that template as a base for a new post taking advantage of our editing features, for example adding text/images above it. Memes are a possible example of template-challenge.

Can I join a challenge multiple times?

You can join a challenge as many times as you want.

What is a nomination?

When you join a challenge you can nominate up to 4 other users to join the same challenge, then they can accept or deny your nomination.

Do I need a nomination to join a challenge?

If the challenge creator decides it is "nomination required", you will need at least one nomination to join.

Why is this challenge marked as dangerous?

We remove challenges that pose a real risk to users as quickly as possible.
Instead we mark challenges that conform to our Community Guidelines but can be dangerous if done incorrectly as “dangerous” and we prompt an alert in the app before allowing an user to join it (for example, skydiving is quite safe if done by competent people, but if done incorrectly obviously it can become very risky).
Before participating in those challenges, think about the risks involved and your skills.

Can I share a post without a challenge?

You can share posts without a challenge, in general everything you can do on other social networks you can do on Tulin as well.

Are there challenges only on Tulin?

Of course challenges existed before Tulin, but before Tulin there was no platform to find them, to easily join them or to create new ones with the possibility to get the deserved recognition.
This is the only well-made social network specialized in challenges, we provide new tools such as nominations and templates to make your experience unforgettable.

What is a Tulin Code?

A Tulin code is a QRCode that can be scanned into the Tulin App to retrieve an account, challenge or hashtag.

What is our political vision?

We try to stay as neutral as possible, we strongly believe in free speech. But we condemn fake news, discrimination and incitement to hate/violence.
We are based in Switzerland and our servers are hosted in the United States by Amazon Web Services, so we are not subject to interference from authoritarian governments.

Can I use a pseudonym?

You are not required to use your real name, however, you cannot impersonate other individuals or organizations that are not under your control.
You can create fan pages but you must clearly specify their nature by avoiding the word "official" in the username and specifying that it is a fan page in the profile description.

Can I post "hot" content?

We remove content that involves pornographic activities (sex or masturbation) or that shows genitals or breasts in a full manner.
Minors or animals must not be involved in this type of post in any way.

Why has my content been removed?

We permanently remove content (including posts, comments, challenges and hashtags) that violates our Community Guidelines.

Why has my account been banned?

We ban users who repeatedly violate our Community Guidelines for a period proportional to the severity of the violations (bans can be permanent).
You have a single appeal available, which you can file by attempting to login in the banned account through the Tulin App and following the instructions.